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Psycho Reflection

I believe the movie Psycho was a great one, very interesting characters keep you feeling suspense and the creepy character of Norman Bates keeps you intrigued. Symbolics birds seemed to be everywhere which leaves me wondering, what is it symbolic for? Overall, i do like the visualizations throughout the movie.

Pilot episode critique 2

Format: 1

Characters: 3

Entertainment: 2

Bad and confusing format with no initial plot. Jokes are of high intellect and pretty entertaining. Characters are pretty geeky and outcast which you don’t see often.

Pilot 1: critique

format: 1

Characters: 2

Entertainment: 2

sorta confusing plot, for 10 scenes it’s kind of hard to determine what the plot for the show or episode is. Brackets are unnecessary

Charles Foster Kane

He was married 2 times

He did not win president

Owned the largest newspaper business

Large man

Elected for President

Love/Hate guy

Quick money off his gold mine

Last words were “Rosebud”

Concept 13: Linear Vs. Non-linear

Just recently I encountered a problem like this. At the first school dance I believe there were 4 girls I was interested in and 3 of them I knew who liked(they told me). The choices were one of them or this girl who didn’t attend the dance, and the one i chose was the girl who didn’t go. The parallel structure that coul have taken place is if I chose one of the others, and i believe with one of the four I’d be more focused on the girl I’m with over anything. it’s not that I don’t like my current as much it’s just that the others seemed not mature as this one. I probably wouldn’t have lasted as long and it would’ve left me tied up with problems. It would’ve intersected with the present by the different connections I still have with those girls today.

Freaks and Geeks Characters

Sam- Insecurity of body 

Karen- Very dominant and aggresive

Daniel- Confident in his own words

Kim- Tries best to avoid trouble

Nick- Loves to be comical

Neal- Does not mind his dorky character

Bill- Totally comfortable with who he is

Concept 12: Speaking the Language of Screenwriters

Example of Scriptwriting Language terms from Get Rich Or Die Tryin’ and Men In Black.



50 Cents Get Rich or Die Tryin'

Revision Scene 1: “City Fowlk”

Before you read, You’ll notice(for those who read my script) I made the descriptions and actions shorter. So I revised it to make the script easier to read and shortened paragraphs. Enjoy.

INT. Conner’s home NIGHT Scene 1

CONNER enters through the door and notices home is deserted. He turns on one light and sets his skateboard to the side of the door. 


MOM! I’M HOME!….(curious tone) Mom? Ya home?


She’s not home brother… she’s been gone all day. 

Mary-Ann hugs Conner with open arms around his waist.


She’s working late again huh? sigh. Come on sis, I’ll get you something to eat.

Mary-Ann stares confused      


YAY! but we don’t have much though. All there is is cereal.


Exactly sis, we are gonna have delicious cereal.

Concept 10: Knowledge=Credibility #1-3

1. Three Things I know Best:

  1. Being a High School Student
  2. Prioritizing between family, sports, friends, myself, and school
  3. "humble" times 

2. Unfamiliar subjects and where to learn more about them:

At Home- Family knowledge, Mom and her fiance know a lot and can be a great influence for unfamiliar subjects.

Internet/Library- Research facts, books, articles, wikipedia, forum topics.

Within The community- Ask around, look for people who are of that profession/share experiences on that specific topic. 

3. I absolutely know nothing about politics, wall street, stock market, economics. The way I’d learn is ask around, talk to adults, people who own stores and small businesses. My history teachers are pretty recognizable when I think about politics, so they can educate me really well on it.

Concept 9: Audience and the Box Office

Top 3 Movies domestic:

1. Avatar

2. Titanic

3. The Dark Knight

I’d choose the setting of the Titanic, plot of Dark Knight, and Jake Sully of Avatar. The Dark Knight’s epic and dark plot with the great story of political good versus evil fits perfectly into the suspense balanced atop a ship. With the great development of the character Jake Sully of Avatar can fit perfectly, as he also had internal conflicts dealt with in The Dark Knight’s Plot. The mix-up I’d introduce is Jake Sully is now a full time avatar. He is being sent down from the planet Pandora to Earth. Sadly, the cruelty of humans, they treat him like an animal and force him onto a ship. The ship is then taken over by a madman (like the joker of Batman). Jake Sully’s internal conflict is whether he wants to be human again or stay as his own avatar(like how Batman had to decide to stay as a crime fighter, or stay as a wealthy business man). His main conflict/problem is to fight off the madman and his crew to save the ship, and respect from his fellow humanoids.